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Citadel Patent Law: Intellectual Property Attorney

Protecting your intellectual rights is a vital concern to scientists and engineers. At Citadel Patent Law, we strive to keep current with all the latest technological advances to better serve our clients and keep the costs of protecting intellection property rights. Our firm uses the most current procedures with the U.S. Patent Office in electronic filing for trademark and patent applications. International applications are also submitted electronically through the Patent Cooperation treaty through the U.S. Patent Office. This allows our clients to have their patent or trademark application submitted quickly and at reduced fees. First-to-file is a critical issue when protecting your innovation, even with the recent changes in patent law.

Intellectual Property Lawyer serving Pierce County and South Sound Areas

Our office provides legal services in protecting intellectual property rights through copyrights, trademarks, and provides support in trademark prosecution. We have served the scientific and engineering communities with legal representation since 1982. Protecting trade secrets whether in bio medical / medical devices, or electrical and mechanical arts is a vital part of doing business in the current environment. It is not uncommon for trade secrets to be stolen and investing in IP can protect your property and allow you to take action and recover the losses from companies that engage in this illegal practice. Our firm provides experienced legal representation to draft crucial documents for licensing and contracts. When it is necessary to take action in IP litigation, we provide the support that is necessary to hold those who have violated your intellectual property rights accountable in court.

We serve the community in filing patents, petitions, and in patent prosecution, as well as portfolio management, and our access to all electronic filing systems allows our firm to move forward quickly in protecting your intellectual property, and at a lower cost. We serve the areas of Tacoma, all of Pierce County and South Sound.

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