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Over 30 years of experience in preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications.

The world turns on ideas. Creative thinking drives the economic forces of the 21st century. The task of Citadel Patent Law is to work with businesses, entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers to develop strategies for safeguarding the value of their creativity. Citadel Patent Law concentrates on writing and prosecuting patent applications resulting in patent rights issuing throughout the world. We have an international network of associates who have earned our trust through years of handling our clients’ most important intellectual property assets.

Citadel Patent Law is dedicated to providing the latest in technological services including electronic filing of patents, trademarks and other documents. Although we concentrate on patent prosecution, we have the experience needed to support significant litigation efforts, should it become necessary to enforce or protect your rights.

George A. Leone is the founder and owner of Citadel Patent Law. He has over 30 years of patent law experience and has been a registered patent attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office since 1983. He is also licensed in Washington State and Minnesota.

Our Team

George A. Leone, Attorney at Law

Marissa G. Leone, Paralegal

Why hire an intellectual property attorney?

Patent law is extremely complex. If you are intent on protecting the integrity of your idea or asset, you will want to obtain the help of an experienced patent attorney who is well versed in patent law and can help you navigate your case to a favorable conclusion. Attempting to prepare a patent application on your own, or attempting to enter into litigation on your own over an electrical or mechanical arts patent may prove costly, difficult, and ultimately unsuccessful.

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