Recently Issued Patents

10,823,728Integrated microarray printing and detection system for molecular binding analysis

10,753,857 – Apparatus and method for measuring microscopic object velocities in flow

10,401,298 –  Label-free detection of small and large molecule interactions, and activities in biological systems

10,222,372Antibiotic susceptibility testing via plasmonic imaging and tracking

10,209,232Specific, reversible, and wide-dynamic range sensor for real time detection of carbon dioxide

10,152,142Foot control for computer processor

10,143,401 – Metabolic analyzer

10,078,074 – Portable metabolic analyzer system

D826,354 – Divot tool

10,011,649 – High affinity synbodies for influenza

10,000,931 – Apparatus and method for moss remediation

10,000,428 – Method of processing organic waste

D818,014 – Extruded structural building component for robotics

9,966,662 – Antenna

9,931,055 – Mouthpiece for accurate detection of exhaled NO

9,918,894 – Methods and viewing systems for inhibiting ocular refractive disorders from progressing

9,518,827 – Method and apparatus for multiplexing multiple Sagnac interferometers with single input for source light

8,003,388 – Method for creating profusable microvessel systems

8,003,316 – Polarization-enhanced detector with gold nanorods for detecting nanoscale rotational motion and method therefor

7,986,227 – System and method for position matching of a patient for medical imaging

7,933,010 – Depth of field extension for optical tomography

7,907,765 – Focal plane tracking for optical microtomography

7,890,921 – Automated method for coherent project management

7,876,939 – Medical imaging system for accurate measurement evaluation of changes in a target lesion

7,873,196 – Medical imaging visiblity index system and method for cancer lesions

7,867,778 – Fluid focusing for positional control of specimen for 3-D imaging

7,835,561 – Method for image processing and reconstruction of images for tomography

7,811,825 – System and method for processing specimens and images for optical tomography